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a new little friend 2 by stormer21 a new little friend 2 :iconstormer21:stormer21 4 1
EOI meeting up again
I am not a broney, I do however love EOI and the artwork in the description inspired me to write this TheInvertedShadow is creator of EOI and the Doctor belongs to Hasbro
DR. Hooves was having a bad day. A slight mess up and now he was being chased by some weird creatures with 4 appendages attached to a center mass and they walked on the back two. Using the pare in the front to manipulate objects. And right now they were trying to kill him. He was running harder than ever trying to get away from the monster’s and he rounded a corner to find himself trapped. One of them stepped forward “beep mrhm isdi” it tried communicating he noticed it wasn’t even human as evident by all the metal parts it aimed the pods sticking out of its back at him and Hooves braced himself for the end. “well look what we have here” a robotic voice  called down from above him. He opened his eye’s did the robot in front of him just speak. He looked up. No the monsters
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Danny and Sandy by stormer21 Danny and Sandy :iconstormer21:stormer21 2 0 a new little friend by stormer21 a new little friend :iconstormer21:stormer21 3 1 one cold day by stormer21 one cold day :iconstormer21:stormer21 5 1
Boogeyman mini chapter (3.5)
Authors note; this chapter is entirely head canon
POV Thomas
After breakfast I get on the bus for school and… Arg there’s that stupid kid who thinks he is so cool when he really is just stupid. He is playing his American rap music while I am trying to rest. A figure who sat in front of me gets up and goes behind me and I hear the conversation “excuses me, but some of us haven’t had a good night and would like it if you turned that off.” The boy replies “hey girl I just trying t- Hey! Give that back! OW! You punched me!” I see the figure return to her seat and I recognise who it is. My sister? Note to self; don’t make her mad today.
POV Alicia
Everyday has been a good day since we moved, no more fearing that I am going to get murdered at any random point, walking under vents with no fear of consequence and finally I don’t feel like I am alone in suffering because the suffering is gone. So as I go to the bus stop happily humming a tun
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Boogeyman Chapter 3
POV Elle (boogeyman)
Well no one got anybody in this house hold. My sister gave her a warning and even strong sole’s feel the burn of the light “well I expect you two to stop being bumbling idiots and catch that boy” he tells us, he has been briefing us for the last two hours, after the yelling from 6 to 8 in the morning,  “hey you’re the one keeping us here while he is probly wondering the house with plenty of chance’s to get him” I intergect, “he is with his mother right now, we don’t kill in front of adults” , “why? You killed your mother  didn’t you, yet you won’t do it now” there is a reason I only call him him he literally has no name when his mother who was a which drank a potion laced with the blood of children he clawed his way out of her womb killing her in the process “and why did she allow you to be hurt by light just as much as us? What’s the difference between weak an
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going for a car ride by stormer21 going for a car ride :iconstormer21:stormer21 0 0
Boogeyman chapter 2
POV Thomas Jones
I look at the window, then the vent, then the closet when the Boogey man comes I will be sure that I am awake and alert then I will shine my flash light on him so he will go away, he will go away right? Well the girl, Alicia according to the tape and the notes, has not lied to me yet. But if this is a prank I will find her and do something….. i was just in the middle of my thought when I turned to the window. The Boogey man was there and he was an absolute nightmare, he was completely naked but he lacked…. The thing I have (not that I looked there, who do you think I am!) his body looked like a human and an alien had a baby  he had long sharp claws on the end of his fingers and his skin was red, blood red in some spots, his eye’s glowed in the dark I am frozen with fear and panic. HE’S REAL! HE’S HERE! HE’S COMING FOR ME! then I remember the flashlight , I shine it on him just as he begins to open the window then just as the lig
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saddest look on earth by stormer21 saddest look on earth :iconstormer21:stormer21 1 0 this was ridiculous by stormer21 this was ridiculous :iconstormer21:stormer21 2 0 darth puppy by stormer21 darth puppy :iconstormer21:stormer21 2 0 if anyone has a idea for a title let me know by stormer21 if anyone has a idea for a title let me know :iconstormer21:stormer21 1 0 this was cute by stormer21 this was cute :iconstormer21:stormer21 1 1
boogeyman chapter 1
Chaper 1
POV Thomas Jones
“aww but I don’t want to go to bed” I tell my mom but she is persistent “come on honey I know your tired, moving in day is always a busy one” we just moved into a new house.  well it’s really some old property but I oh well I am not tired, but mom always wins this argument so I am in my new room it’s got a star decorated roof and blue walls with a wooden floor on the ceiling is a large vent then there’s a window that looks out into the block and facing my bed is my new closet and finally there is the door that leads out into the hallway. Mom and dad are awesome they already have all my toys unpacked and in my room so I am in my bed trying to fall asleep. Trying, and failing miserably. In my tossing and turning my foot brushes against something I pull off the covers to investigate and I find a tape recorder, another tape recorder? This makes two including the one down stairs and this one has a tape still in i
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he doesn't look happy by stormer21 he doesn't look happy :iconstormer21:stormer21 0 0


Project: Izanami - E-JUNKIE RELASE! by Dinner-Kun
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so...I come back after about a week and I kid you not I have 5,092 notifications
the man who created this site Scott
is the most racist scum, he is a shame to anyone named Scott, to Christians, to Americans and everyone around the world.
people who disrespect veterans should be dragged out into the street and publicly have the crap beaten out of them.
 has officially taken the spot for the most discussing artist on this sight; disrespecting veterans, supporting discrimination of Islam, Hypocrisy.  
so, since I left my laptop in an inaccessible location over the long weekend, boogeyman chapter 4 will be delayed, as well I am working on a cod/star wars crossover but having touble coming up with a good title, help would be apretiated.
finaly someone I watch was cheated on
link here;  <da:thumb id="675637713"/>
stolen from my good buddy Redbroney115

random notes I've learned from youtube
1. for a channel who's name is something about cloarine bleach, 9/10 times there comment is going to be a lame,not funny,only makes sense when you take their name into account bad joke

2. if you ever see a username called  "four disastrous day's" WARNING its a buthurt Russian hating asshole, I kidd-you-not this guy's comments nothing but the Russia is a "shithole" and  he calls for a nuclear onslaught to "turn that shithole into a dessert" so avoid this asshole at all cost's

news update; an international group of hackers have taken over a neo Nazi web site (look it up for more details) I can tell you I am in full support of their actions

Go daddy, I know you finally drew the line but still, you should have never allowed it to exist in the first place. if you keep allowing them to create sites then they will keep spreading their messages of hate and bull shit.

Hackers, I doubt your reading this, but if you are. Go and  give that Nazi what he rightfully deserves.


I am here to post good content.


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